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Pascha week: Steps in our daily life

Peace and Grace beloved congregation of St.Mina,

As we approach Pascha week, the Holiest week of the year and embark on the journey of the crucifixion of Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ, let us apply some steps to our daily life to help us focus on the events of the week, and to come closer to God. 

Retreat: How much more then should we apply this commandment during Holy Week? This week should be characterized by solitude and retreat with God, by staying away from idle discussions and various means of entertainment of pleasure. Reserve your time to God and to spiritual activities worthy of this week.

Follow and Share in the events of Christ’s suffering: Meditate on the events of the week one by one: from Palm Sunday, when Christ refused His worldly kingdom and the Jews gave up their hope in Him, until they crucified and buried Him. 

Spiritual Readings: Spiritual readings are food for the soul. Make time everyday to follow along with the events. The church has organized for us a treasure of appropriate readings for every day of the Holy Week, comprised of Gospel readings, Old Testament prophesies that correspond to the events of each day, spiritual explanations and sermons of the Church Fathers. On Bright Saturday (Apocalypse night) the church reads the entire Book of Revelation.

Prayers, and confession: During this week, each person must sit with himself and remember his sins and put them on Christ’s shoulders and tell Him in shame, “Carry O Lord my sins too, with the sins of the rest of humanity. Take my sins and nail them to the Cross with You, so that Your Blood may wipe them away!”
Look carefully at your sins and know that they are the cause of His crucifixion.
Many people cry out of their sorrow for Christ’s suffering while they crucify Him every day with their sins.
We should not feel sorry for Christ during this week, but should be sorry for our sins that caused Him these pains.
As Jesus told the women that were crying over Him, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not cry for Me, but cry for yourselves and your children.” (Luke 23:28).

This year, with Covid cases on the rise in Calgary, we all spent a lot of time being on our phones and laptops; messaging, calling, or holding meetings; whether it be for school, work, or personal entertainment. 

Sometimes, we spent a lot of time complaining, objecting, or protesting things that are out of our control or things that made us angry or upset. 

During this Holy Week, let us all take a break from our phones, including Abouna, and myself. 

Let us take a break from social media, the news, constant messaging and phone calls, and instead let us invest our time in prayers, meditation, readings, and spiritual gain to be in constant communication with God.

May God bless you all and protect you 🙏

In Christ.

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