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Image result for st. wanas picture The Story of St. Wanas

St. Wanas was an only son of a pious Christian family. He was brought up in the fear of God, reading the bible, fasting, praying and regularly attending the holy liturgy. St. Wanas was ordained a deacon at a young age by the bishop because of his love for Christ. He loved the poor and used to help them regularly. He mainly ate orban to sustain himself. He stayed in church most of his time and did the necessary work without ever being lazy or bored.

During the time of persecution under the Romans, he desired to die for Christ. In a dream, God showed him that he will receive the crown of martyrdom. St. Wanas went and told the bishop about his dream and requested his body to be buried along  with his ancestors in ‘Om Qoraat, Luxor. The Roman commander came to the town of St. Wanas and heard about his courage that he’s encouraging  the believer to confess their faith. The commander was very angry and tried many methods of torture but St. Wanas glorified God and called for God to help him.

Finally, He was martyred on the 16th day of Hatour (third Coptic month) at the beginning of the fourth Century at the age of 12 years old. The soldiers threw his far away from his body. But the Lord guided the believers to his body and they brought it to the bishop. The people went back and searched for his head and found it under a palm tree. St. Wanas body was buried in the cemetery as per his wish.

When the metropolitan Marcos was alive, he prayed to God to show him where St. Wanas body was buried so that he moves it to a worthy place. After fasting for 3 days without eating or drinking, an angel appeared to him in a vision and showed him where the body of St. Wanas was located in the cemetery. The next morning, Metropolitan Marcos went to the cemetery and took the body and placed in its current location.

St. Wanas is known to be the intercessor for the lost things. May his blessings be with us.