COYA (Coptic Orthodox Youth Association) is a youth council designed to utilize the talents and energy of the church’s youth. The concept was originally developed in the Diocese of Australia and since then has been adopted by several Churches in North America.

Mission Statement

“By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the intercessions of the Holy Mother of God St. Mary and the prayers of St. Mina and all the choirs of the saints, we hope to utilize the talents and energy bestowed upon the youth of St. Mina Church in a structured and organized manner geared towards enriching and leading the youth in the right direction. In doing so, we intend to promote the feeling of unity with our Lord Jesus Christ and the unity between the youth.”

Why Get Involved?

  • Get a chance to influence your church experience
  • Sharpen your skill set
  • Get to enjoy the Church and experience fellowship in a way that you never thought possible
  • Looks great on your resume and gives you ammunition for behavioural-based interviews

The COYA offers 7 different programs for our youth to benefit from:

  1. Outreach & Spiritual
  2. Mentorship & Tutoring
  3. Trips
  4. Sports
  5. Special Events & Community Service
  6. Advertising & Marketing
  7. Fundraising

For more information view our presentation here!